Daily Accounting #1

Earned: $0 Spent: $0 Saved: $0

I know. . .pretty anti-climatic for my first day. I thought about buying some seeds to start a garden today just to have something to post, but that didn’t really seem in the spirit of things.

It’s my last day of spring break, and I really, really wanted to go shopping. However, clothes are not in the budget this month, so I had to keep myself busy at home. Dear reader, I will soon tell you about my love affair with quality clothing. Suffice it to say, it is a very good thing that the nearest Anthropologie is now 60 miles away.

So, to combat the urge to drive 60 miles to Anthropologie, I watched “Lost” online, ran 2 miles (after a long winter break, I’m easing back into it), and raked up all the leaves in our front yard. Yes, it’s the end of March, and we still hadn’t raked. We’re the bad house on the block. But no more! Now the yard is all cleaned up and waiting for grass to grow.

On my run, I saw a woman photographing the first blooms on her cherry tree, and that made me very happy. After a week of rain, spring is on the way. And our front yard is ready to participate. Hooray!


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