Daily Accounting #5

Earned:  $119.19      Spent:$62              Saved:$0

To the Credit Cards: $119.19

Hooray!  My first snowflake from selling stuff on Amazon.com.  I sold an old digital camera and a few other odds and ends.  I also sold some of the future husband’s Xbox games and DVDs.  He got $45 that I’ll transfer to the TV fund.  My $119.19 went straight to Bank of America.  Next week, after payday, that balance should be under $2,000.  Hooray again! 

Unfortunately, the grocery trip wasn’t quite as glorious. I went $10 over with Easter candy for the kids (we didn’t have them last weekend, so we’re celebrating this weekend). I’ll deduct this from my travel fund, so that leaves me with $135 for the trip. Still do-able, I think.

This was my fourth week playing The Grocery Game. Yes, I’m clipping coupons. Yes, it feels totally suburban to wheel my cart through the store with my little stash of clippings. At least today, I was wearing knee-high boots and my adorable Anthropologie coat. For those of you who don’t know, the Grocery Game gives you a list each week that matches coupons from previous Sunday circulars with that week’s specials at your store. Like anything online, there’s a whole culture on the message boards with folks boasting of getting massive amounts of groceries for a pittance. You have to build up the backlog of circulars to really get it working for you. I’m hoping by next week, I’ll be in full swing.

For my best week, I saved $30. This week, I saved $25, roughly 25% of my total. I’d be more excited if my savings actually put me under budget. This month, I went $10 over our $500 line for groceries. There were several things I wanted to buy, but will wait until Sunday when I can put them on next month’s budget. So far, I guess the coupons are combating the higher cost of food, but I’ll be happy when they actually put me under budget. I mostly cook from scratch, bake my own bread, and try to eat with the seasons. Once the farmers’ market opens again, I may save more. . . time will tell!

The one smart thing I did today was send that snowflake money straight to the credit cards. Otherwise, I could have easily blown $50 of it at the grocery store on the extras I wanted.


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