All Packed!

I’ve got my stockpile of magazines, my 100 calorie snack packs, peanut butter crackers, and fruit. I’ve got $85 in cash for parking, the airport shuttle, and dinner tonight. Oh yeah, and I’ve got my two copies of the paper I’m presenting, plus the file sitting in my e-mail inbox as an emergency back-up. I feel like I’m going into battle.

Airport, you so don’t stand a chance. I’m planning on brewing my own coffee for the hour drive to the airport, so Starbucks forget about floating your delicious aromas in my direction. Faux bookstore with all your new hardbacks and your soft lighting, you won’t lure me in. I’ve already got junk novels packed in my bag. Last-minute-convenience stop with your newspapers, gum, gossip magazines, and soduku, no dice. I’ve even got an old soduku book in my bag. It’s a direct flight too, so Layover Airport, with your chain store outlets and your pub food mini-restaurants, you can’t even tempt me. Victory will be mine!


2 responses to “All Packed!

  1. Not spending money at the airport is hard!!

  2. mydailydollars

    Thanks Lisa! Yes, it is hard. So far so good though. I doged Starbucks, the quick snacks, the gossip magazines, and the sandwich kiosk. I even found a drinking fountain for free water. Now, I’ve just got one hour until my flight leaves. Good thing there’s free wireless.

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