Daily Accounting: Monday March 31

Earned: $0 Spent: $1657.08 Saved: $0

Money in and money out! I paid bills today, so I’ll just share the highlights. If you look over on the Debt Tab, you’ll see that I’m under $7,000 in credit card debt. Hooray! It’s great to no longer say to myself “I have $8,000 in credit card debt, I have $8,000 in credit card debt.” Unfortunately, one card will spike back up soon with conference hotel and plane charges, but at least I’ll get reimbursed for those. Also, the interest rate dropped a percent on one of my cards, so my credit rating must be ticking up. Once the semester ends, I’ll try the dreaded calls to negotiate for lower rates.

My snowflake total for March was $152.49. What is exciting is that it actually would have been higher, but I had to send $101 to the dentist. I’m happy that I could pay the dentist out of “snowflake” money rather than my emergency fund or regular budget because I wasn’t planning on that charge. I also sent $70 to the future husband’s TV fund and $200 to my fun fund. Unfortunately, that leftover $50 from my trip had to go to the dentist.

Finally, I got to spend some fun money. I sent a political contribution to my favorite candidate. And at Target, I bought seeds for my garden. I got several herbs, hot peppers, spinach, lettuce, and flowers for $13. I should track my gardening expenses this year and see how I do. This weekend, I’ll transform the window above our kitchen sink into a greenhouse for the next six weeks.

Hope you all had a nice Monday!


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