Daily Accounting: Weekend Update

Earned: $2821.57 Spent: $49.70 Saved: $1

Well, I made it back home to Ohio with one dollar in my wallet. Saturday was pretty miserable thanks to the flu. I saved money by taking Metro rather than the airport shuttle, but it was a dreadful ride. I thought I was going to come home with about $10 extra, but the off-site airport parking ended up being $26, thanks to some tricky accounting and a “fuel surcharge.” So, that was no bargain at all! Oh well, at least I made it home in one piece. All in all, I did manage to only spend $84 on the trip. Since I had budgeted $135, I get to sent $51 to my “fun” savings account. Hopefully, I’ll get to spend that on a happier trip in May to San Francisco!

My paycheck and some snowflakes hit my checking account on Saturday. Check back later today for the full bill-paying report.

Earned: $0 Spent: $0 Saved: $0

I just slept most of the day. Boo, stomach flu, Boo!


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