Daily Accounting: Tuesday 4/1

Earned: $0 Spent: $227.10 Saved: $33 @ Kroger’s

Today was my first grocery run of the month, so it was nice to stock up with a fresh grocery budget. I missed this week’s paper, thanks to the flu, but still saved almost $10 with clipped coupons. The rest was store savings, plus 10% off my case of wine. Last month, in my budgeting zeal, I picked out some really dreadful wines. This time I stayed more in the $10 a bottle range versus the very tempting $5.99. The future husband and I absolutely love our late dinners with candles and wine. We’re just average wine drinkers, but we can tell a really boring wine from one with more nuanced notes. (I’ve been practicing the lingo so that we don’t come off as complete oafs from Ohio on our honeymoon in Sonoma, CA.) Hopefully, this case will be more interesting.

I also spent $10 for a much-needed girls’ lunch today after an interminably long honors convocation. While it’s fun to see my students praised for their achievements, listening to the three to four speakers packed into the program is not fun. Fortunately, our favorite Mexican dive always has a table for us to de-brief and gossip after such tedium. Last item today was a birthday card and gift card for my brother. Happy Birthday! And Happy Birthday Jen S.! Hope you’re doing something really fun!


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