Daily Accounting: Wednesday 4/2

Earned: $0 Spent: $20 Saved: $0

I had planned for today to be a spend-no-money day. However, I went ahead and subscribed to our local paper. The cheapest option was for Thursdays and Sundays and cost $19 and change for thirteen weeks. Still a pretty good deal, and I had room in my book budget.

On a side note, I read an article in Self magazine about being more efficient at work. One piece of advice was not to overload your to-do list. The reason is that it will look so long that you won’t want to accomplish anything. That’s true for me; sometimes some ugly tasks just get moved from one week’s list to the next because I don’t want to finish them. So today, I limited myself to three work items and three personal items. Know what, I got them all done, did another task that came across my plate, and came across a great grant-writing opportunity. Looks like the three-item to-do list may be my new thing!


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