Daily Accounting: Weekend Update 4/6

Earned: $0 Spent: $75 Saved: $0

I hope wherever you are, you got some nice weather this weekend. Today, we had a sunny, warm day, and I feel 100% refreshed. This afternoon, I took a blanket out in the yard with the paper, a book, and a snack. Sitting under the blue sky with the sun on my face, I knew life couldn’t get much better. I also started my tomato, pepper, herb, and flower seeds in our kitchen window. After a little research, I went ahead and planted my lettuce and spinach right in the ground. In four weeks, we should be eating home-grown salads. I can’t wait! I had to call our local farm for the crop report yesterday. Asparagus is running about two weeks behind, but they said it could catch up with some warm days. I’m so impatient! After a whole winter of mostly canned and frozen produce, my mouth waters at the thought of that first taste of asparagus.

As for spending, it was a fairly uneventful weekend. I bought some rye flour and fancy popcorn for $7 at our nearby mill. It’s one of the few working water-powered mills in Ohio and the stone-ground flour is amazing. If you come visit me, I promise a tour of the mill will be on our itinerary. The rest of the money was gas and groceries. We had a little pasta-making party last night. I’m thrilled because we had dinner for six for $20 (plus wine we’d already bought). The meal was terrific, filling, and fun to make. The company was lovely, and we even played a few games. As anyone who entertains knows, it’s hard to be frugal. I made crackers with the rye flour and put them out with brie and olives for an appetizer. The main course was the mushroom pasta from this month’s Cooking Light. I added turkey Italian sausage to stretch the dish, and the future husband made a terrific salad. We also fired up the grill for the first time this year for the sausage. Spring really has arrived!


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