Monday Morning Links

It’s Monday already! Where did the weekend go? I’ve got a busy week writing a grant proposal and teaching, but hope to have some down time too. That three-item-to-do list worked really well last week. I’m ready to write a fresh new one this morning. In between crossing items off your to-do list, here are some great reads from the past week:

First off, if you’re starting your garden, be sure to read Get Rich Slowly’s update on his “Garden Project.” His peas really are adorable.

Financegirl has a great way to think through your dumb financial moves. The post is more weekend-inspired, but still fun. She totally got me on signing up for a credit card just to get the T-shirt.

On a more serious note, The Digerati Life shows five different ways to build your emergency fund. Mine’s pretty small, but I hope to grow it as soon as I pay off my credit cards!

Since I’m still in debt-reduction mode, guest blogger Ryan gave some excellent advice to pay down your debt based on Blogging Away Debt’s posts.

On the career front, Consumerism Commentary examines the “top recession-proof careers” in a thought-provoking post. And A Penny Closer decides to take on fresh debt for a career change. Very exciting but daunting (as I should have known when I started down the student loan road).

The Budgeting Babe details how to recover from a few bad spending choices. I love how she got right back on track!

And finally, for you literary folks, another guest blogger on Blogging Away Debt was inspired by Horatio Alger. I often use ole Horatio as a bit of a punching bag in class, so it was fun to read about him from a different perspective.

Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy the links!


2 responses to “Monday Morning Links

  1. Hey, thanks for the link, and welcome to blogging!

  2. mydailydollars

    Thanks! You’ve got a great site!

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