Daily Accounting: Tuesday 4/8

Earned: $6.06 Spent: $74 Saved: $0

I got my first snowflake of the month. I’m trying really hard not to count snowflakes until they actually hit the bank account. Otherwise, I know I’d double-count or under-count or somehow loose track. This snowflake was for items sold on Amazon for the future husband. He gets $12 to the TV account, which brings it up to $82. Every bit counts! I spent four dollars on postage and a snack. Today was grocery day, so that was $70. I “saved” $30 thanks to Krogers’ 10 Item Extravaganza and The Grocery Game. However, I’m not counting the total amount saved on groceries until the end of the month.

More Carnivals are up today! On The Financial Blogger, the Carnival of Money Stories is up. My post “Wedding Photography on a Budget” is featured. And in honor of Kroger’s extravaganza, see Stop the Ride‘s post, “Kroger’s 10 Item Mega Event.

Also, Credit Card Lowdown is running the Carnival of Debt Management. You’ll find my post, “Summer at Tiffany’s Financial Advice” plus a lot of other great posts. Happy reading!


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  1. Thanks for the link love!

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