March Wrap-Up and Another Carnival

Since I have plans tonight that involve spending money, I’ll post my daily accounting tomorrow.

Yesterday, Money Saving Mom asked folks to pitch in with their assessment of their March goals.  She’s doing an amazing job and fully funded her six-month emergency account on March 11th, six weeks early.  Very impressive!!

March was actually my best month ever because my “new” finances really started to show results.  Remember, my financial awakening really only happened in February when I realized that I owed over $8,000 in debt across three credit cards.  I knew I had to change my ways by:

  • Ditching my “Two Budget” mentality where I stuck to my cash budget, but charged up all the extras on my credit cards.
  • Stop spending more that I earned!
  • Commit to paying off my credit cards in the next year
  • Get serious about “snowflakes”
  • Create some accountability in my life

I’m very happy because March saw the transformation of some long-term habits.  For the first time since I moved to Ohio, my credit card balances decreased, I spent less than I earned, and I sent an extra $152.49 in snowflakes to my Bank of America card.

More importantly, I found a wonderful way to keep myself accountable: this blog!  The act of writing down my daily spending is really keeping me on track.  I find myself thinking twice about temptations because I know that I will have to “report” them.  Interestingly, the act of writing about my finances is also really changing my habits.  For example, I never really realized how I was spending “real” and “fake” money until I sat down to write about my budgeting habits.

For anyone out there thinking about mending his or her bad money ways, I highly recommend journaling or blogging.  The advantage of blogging is that you have this great community to cheer you on, get inspiration from, and keep you honest.  Hooray for bloggers!

Speaking of, check them out on this week’s Money Hacks Carnival on Mommy Gets Paid where you can read my post, “5 Tips for a Wedding Under $5,000.” Have a great evening!





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