Daily Accounting: Friday, 4/11

Earned: $0 Spent: $5 Saved: $0

Today would have been a spend-no-money day, but I got $5 worth of bank charges for using a not-my-bank ATM. Rats! At least I remembered to track it. I used to use any ole ATM all the time and rack up those charges without even noticing.

If you have time, go see Antishay Ventenne’s awesome answer to a question I had about debit cards and fraud. She’s so great to provide such a thorough answer.

Happy Friday!


3 responses to “Daily Accounting: Friday, 4/11

  1. Thank you for linking back to the article! You have to watch those ATM fees!

  2. That’s why I love my bank account – I never have to pay ATM fees. I’m lucky enough to have a special “military” account and it happens to be one of the perks. 🙂 I even get reimbursed for the fees as soon as the transaction clears my account, whereas my husband’s account with a different bank gives him all the charges in one lump sum at the end of the month. It’s usually no more than $1.00 for him, but I use the ATM a lot so it’s nice to never have to worry about the fees!

  3. mydailydollars

    Wow! You’re lucky Foxie. It really stinks now because I always get double-charged. There’s a fee from whatever bank I use AND a fee from my own bank. Usually, I can plan ahead and find an ATM for my bank, but last night I was in a pinch!

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