Daily Archives: April 13, 2008

Daily Accounting: Weekend Update 4/13

Earned: $5.30 Spent: $135 Saved: $20

I got my first check for taking surveys yesterday, so that $5.30 brings April’s snowflake tally to $11.36. I cut myself some slack on snowflakes this month since I’m busy at work with the end of the semester. I spent $15 at the grocery store for a few extras for dinner Friday night. Originally, we were going to go to a movie and dinner with one of the kids, but after the future husband spent $35 at the movies, we knew dinner at home would be much cheaper and tastier!

The big expense this weekend was for the wedding. I finally ordered our wedding invitations. I found a coupon code on the Internet for them and saved $20. This week, I’m going to look into options to print my own response cards and a card with the URL for our wedding website. I think I can save another $100 by doing that. I ordered from a fairly expensive store, but the invitations alone aren’t too much. I think they make their profit with all the “extras.” I could have easily spent more on the inserts and thank-you cards than I did on the invitations!