Daily Archives: April 14, 2008

Daily Accounting: Monday 4/14

Earned: $10 Spent: $1 Saved: $0

I only spent $1 today on my favorite pre-workout snack. I’ve been slacking on working out lately, so it felt really good to get back into it today. I always forget how great exercising feels until after I do it! My body is definitely happy with me today. I “earned” a $10 gift card to Lowes through one my my survey sites. That little snowflake will go toward gardening supplies, probably dirt!

So far on the budgeting front, April has been a great month. I’m on track to come in about $225 UNDER budget! I can’t believe it. A few months ago, I was usually out charging from the next month’s budget by week four. Here it is week three already, and I feel like I’ve got everything I need. I hope I can hold onto that feeling for a while!


Monday Morning Links and Carnivals

Good morning everyone! Was it just me or was that weekend too short? We had a terrible cold snap, too. Where did spring go? As you settle in for the week, check out these posts from last week’s blogs, all about having a healthy frame of mind about finances:

At Being Frugal, there’s an excellent anaylsis of the “you deserve it mentality” in consumer culture.

Over at A Penny at a Time, there’s a guest post by Leo titled “Zen and Frugality.” It’s a great comparison between living as a frugal person and living as a zen monk.

Frugal Dad looks to other influences that affect our financial frame of mind in “Are Parents to Blame for Financial Problems?”

Consumerism Commentary breaks us into Type A and Type B credit card users and offers ways to shift your thinking from one type to the other in “10 Steps to Break the Credit Card Habit.”

Get Rich Slowly offers excellent advice for those of us who weren’t smart enough to start saving in our 20s. Check out “What if You Didn’t Start Saving Early? Advice for Late Bloomers.”

Finally, the 148th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Gather Little by Little. My review of “The Grocery Game” is there along with a wealth of other ideas!