Daily Accounting: Tuesday 4/15

Earned: $0 Spent: $85 Saved: $0

Today was grocery day. I “saved” $20 with the Grocery Game, not too shabby. We’re on track to come in slightly under for the grocery budget, so I can’t complain. In the mail today, I got an offer from Northwest Airlines to cash out my miles for magazine subscriptions. Since I had fortgotten that I had miles with Northwest, it’s a good deal. I’ll get five year-long subscriptions to magazines that I actually like. So, that’s a bonus today!

On to carnivals! Two more carnivals are up with posts of mine. Rather-be-Shopping.com is hosting the Festival of Frugality. I really like Think Your Way to Wealth’sHow to Develop a Frugal Mindset.” As I’ve been discovering, it’s all about your frame of mind! You can also read my post, “Dinner and Lunch for $2.89.” Mmm, that was a great dinner!

Over at The Baglady, there’s the Carnival of Money Stories. PaidTwice shares how the Snowflaking Revolution began with “How I Started Snowflaking.” As you all know, I can’t say enough good things about snowflaking! You can also read my look at “Yale’s Investment Wizard,” which includes my story about my 401(k) snafu. Happy reading!


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  1. Thanks for the mention, glad you enjoyed.

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