Daily Accounting: Weekend Update+Monday 4/21

Earned: $0 Spent: $50 Saved: $0

I went over the tally for my weekend trip to see my parents. I had budgeted $50, and $50 I did spend (counting one dollar for my pre-workout snack today). The $50 covered lunch on Friday, parking at the airport, tips, lunch Monday, a used book, and a coffee during my layover in Chicago. I could have skipped the book and coffee, but since they totaled $4 and kept me happy on the flights home, they were good purchases. Visiting my parents is always nice; we chatted lots and got in some good wedding planning. It’s also very inexpensive since they treated for the rest of our meals (thanks Mom!).

I now am hoping to keep spending to a minimum until Friday. Friday will be great because I can tally up my snowflakes for the month. It’s also the last day of classes, and the local farm market should be open with asparagus. I can’t wait!


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