Monday Morning Links and Carnivals

Happy Monday everyone! I had a great weekend with my parents in Missouri and am all ready to knuckle down for our last week of classes. As you settle in this morning, here are some of my favorite posts from last week, and . . .

Today, the Carnival of Debt Reduction is live at No Debt Plan.  I’m very excited because I got a nice shout out as a newbie blog and was an “Editor’s Pick” for the first time.  If this is your first time visiting, check out my “About Me” page and consider subscribing if you like what you read.  Thanks!

Now to the links. . .

If you’re new to personal finance blogs (like me!), rush over to Get Rich Slowly and read his very first post. He revived it for the two-year anniversary of his blog. I love how he does a meta-review of a variety of personal finance books.

The Digerati Life has two excellent posts about frugalists vs. capitalists. First, read “Spend Less than You Earn or Earn More than You Spend.” Then, jump over to “20 Ways to Earn More and Spend Less.” He’s got some great tips, especially tip #10 on the spending less side!

PaidTwice has a great post on the “Psychology of the $1000 Emergency Fund.” I certainly agree that for those of us who aren’t savers, it is a manageable number to start with. Then, Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a very interesting approach to making your larger emergency fund work for you at “Laddering Your Emergency Fund.”

Also, check out this guest post at Cash Money Life. I like her tricks for a shopping diet!



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  1. Thanks for the mention!

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