Daily Accounting: Tuesday 4/22

Earned: $0 Spent: $97 Saved: $0

Another grocery day today. I could have put $41.21 in the “Saved” column because that’s how much Krogers said I saved. However, I only budgeted $90 for the week, so that savings just kept me on track rather than going over. I did get some really nice deals, including one of those automatic air fresheners for 99 cents rather than $9.99 and three boxes of cereal for $2.50. We are now swimming in cereal. It’s so hard not to buy it when it’s a great deal! That’s one of the dangers of stockpiling, I suppose. I did buy Chex cereal this time, so I’ll make some party mix with that this weekend for a snack. The other $7 was for lunch in the faculty dining room and postage for another sale on Amazon. One more snowflake for the TV fund!

Today, two carnivals went up with posts of mine. On Financial Success posted a pretty cool Festival of Frugality with every link written into paragraph form. Very unique! You can read my post “Kid-Friendly Frugal Fun” along with this great post by Save and Conquer about the life during the Great Depression.

Can I Get Rich on a Salary hosted this week’s Carnival of Money Stories. Through his “once upon a time” story, you’ll find my thoughts on shopping from “Can Anthropologie be a Frugal Choice?” Happy Tuesday!


One response to “Daily Accounting: Tuesday 4/22

  1. Thanks for the link to my Grandpa and the Great Depression post.

    Wow, three boxes of Chex cereal for $2.50! Great deal. I typically buy the 64-oz boxes of Grape Nuts for around $6 at Costco. Pound-for-pound, they may be the best deal. Not everyone likes the “rocks in a box” though.

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