Daily Accounting: 4/25

Earned: $0 Spent:$45 Saved: $0

Well shucks, I discovered today that we don’t get paid on the last Friday of the month; we get paid on the last day of the month. And, the local farm doesn’t have any asparagus in — maybe tomorrow. So, I have to wait a few more days for my big bill paying update, and I have to wait until tomorrow for asparagus. That’s a drag. However, it is still Friday, and it was our last day of classes. Next week is a short week for me with finals. Then, the summer begins!

I spent the $45 on gas and a snack today. I’m counting the gas on Week One of May. Fortunately, there’s enough in the checking account to cover my spending money and groceries before we get paid on Wednesday. Have a nice weekend everyone!


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