Daily Accounting: Weekend Update + Carnivals

Earned: $0   Spent: $29  Saved: $0

We had a busy weekend with the kids, including soccer games, a poetry reading, and arts and crafts.  Sunday, we all sat around the table making stage sets out of cardboard and cardstock for one soon-to-be-stepdaughter’s Littlest Pets.  I had seen the Sunday Best Buy circular with Wiis on sale and was talking with the future husband about trying to find one when that same soon-to-be-stepdaughter chimed in, “we don’t need a Wii.”  She was so happy playing with paper and glue that she didn’t see the need for an expensive video game system.  I thought my heart might burst.  🙂  On the spending front, I bought a few groceries to complement our fresh asparagus and chipped in the tip on Sunday’s lunch.  

Two carnivals are up today.  When you get a chance visit the “Carnival of Debt Reduction” at Broke Grad Student.  My post, “One Phone Call — $1000 Saved” is an editor’s pick.  I also liked the ideas for a cheap vacation at home at American Consumer News. Over at The Skilled Investor, you’ll find the “Carnival of Financial Planning” with my post about the Fools’ first step to debt reduction. If you’re visiting here for the first time from either carnival, I aim to keep accountable by blogging every dollar here in order to break my long-time affair with debt. If you like what you read, consider subscribing. Thanks!

Finally, a few of my favorite posts from the week for your Monday morning enjoyment:

Mrs. Micah has been posting a series about her Alien Abduction guide. I plan on doing one myself soon. Wonder why she’s worried about aliens? Be sure to read it here.

I’ve got vacation planning on the brain these days. I liked Plonkee’s “Resources for Budget Travel” and My Small Cents‘ post on her recent experience planning meals on vacation. Thanks to her advice, I might pack a little kit of seasonings for our honeymoon.

Finally, check out the “$100 a Day Rule” over at NCN. It kept us from going Wii-crazy this weekend after the sale Wiis sold out.

Enjoy your Monday! I’m off for a bike ride, house cleaning, a seminar on tenure, and a new book group at our local library.


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