Daily Accounting: 4/28 + 4/29

Earned: $0 Spent: $155 Saved: $0

Today was a great day at the grocery store. I bought our case of wine for $90 and spent $60 on groceries for the week! That ole Grocery Game seems to finally be kicking in. I am planning on buying some turkey from a local farm for $10 and fresh produce this weekend for our cookout, but I still should come in about $20 under budget. The $60 included a splurge: crab meat for our asparagus soup tonight. I’m also going to bake fresh bread. It should be a yummy meal; I’ll let you know if it turns out. One good thing about doing the Grocery Game is that I buy most of our tolietries and pharmacy stuff at Krogers now with the coupons. For May, I only have three things on my Target list. The big challenge will be to see if I stick to that list! The other $5 in the total was for a bagel yesterday and a snack today. Now, I’m out of cash for the rest of the week. Fortunately, I’ll be home Thursday and Friday, so it’ll be easier to avoid spending money.

Another carnival is up today: the Festival of Frugality at Sound Money Matters. You’ll find my frugal recipe for homemade crackers and lots of other excellent frugal tips. I really liked Cheap Healthy Good’s post on the problems with “diet” foods. I couldn’t agree more!

Finally, fellow snowflakers, don’t forget that I’ll be hosting the new “Carnival of Snowflakes” this week. Be sure to submit your great snowflaking posts tomorrow!


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