Daily Accounting: 4/30 + Carnival

Earned: $2806.27   Spent: $1511.51    Saved: $212

April snowflakes: $226.51

Finally, payday was today.  The last few days seemed to take a really long time.  I was hoping to get roughly $600 in travel reimbursement from work, but it seems to be held up in paperwork.  So, I’ll start calling on that tomorrow.  

I was able to send a total of $1116.51 to the credit cards.  Now, evil Card #3 has a zero balance.  Yay!  If you’ve been paying close attention to the debt tab, you’ll see that my total credit card debt only dropped about $30.00. That’s because of my lack of travel reimbursement and charges for my upcoming trip to San Francisco.  However, my stimulus check and the travel check will total $1200 to throw at my debt.  That will more than pay off Card #1.  By the end of May, I should be down to $5,000 on my final, low-interest card.  Hopefully, I’ll ramp up my snowflaking streams too.  This waiting around for money is a real drag.  I can’t wait until June 1.  That should be a milestone day!

If you’re looking for a good read, go to the Carnival of Money Stories today.  My post, “It’s Only Money,” was an editor’s pick.  Hooray!  I ended up with four editor’s picks in April — that was really fun.  Speaking of carnivals, don’t forget to read the Carnival of Snowflaking right here tomorrow morning!



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