Daily Accounting: 5/1 + 5/2

Earned: $1.58 Spent: $246 Saved: $0

Thursday was a spend-no-money day, easy to do because I stayed home all day. I did some work, some gardening, and some laundry. All in all, it was a very nice day. I got a $1.58 snowflake in the mail from a refund; only $398 more to go to reach my May snowflaking goal! Yesterday, I combined all my errands into one big ball; it took me five hours, and I spent $203. The best errand was my haircut. I found an old gift certificate that I had never used for a new salon. So, I went, loved the hair guy, and loved my *free* haircut! Hooray! I’ve been in Ohio for close to two years and still hadn’t had a cut that I was really happy with, so this marks a big milestone for my hair!

After the cut, I went by Target for a few necessaries and Mom’s Mother’s Day gift. I also found great Thank You cards for the wedding: 50 for $13. That means I’m now $150 under budget on invitations. Next stop, the music store to buy a music stand for the future husband’s birthday. (He loved it; I gave it to him last night.) Then, the gas station, grocery store, and farm market. Whew! However, it is nice to have all the errands done. Next week, the only thing I’ll have to do is the weekly trip to the grocery store on Tuesday.

The final $43 was a splurge.
The future husband treated me to dinner at our favorite local restaurant. We had a great time. The view out the window was classic small-town Ohio: the old city hotel across the street, the street lamp, the billowing awning, and the fresh flowers in the window box. I was feeling perfectly happy. Then, we stopped in our favorite little gift/antique shop next to the restaurant. The owners are great; we’ve bought a couple of pieces of furniture from them, and they always deliver things to our house themselves. She has great taste, and I love browsing through all the home items and jewlery. The future husband bought two of our favorite candles, and I, well, I splurged on a beautiful wrap! I’ve been wanting one for a while; I loved the color and the texture, and the best part. . . I could afford it! Since I’d only spent $13 of my Target budget for the month, I had $77 left. Yes, I could have said well, I’ll snowflake all $77, but in the spirit of wiggle room, I bought the wrap. I’ve been feeling a little blue lately about debt-reduction mode, so I think this sensible purchase will keep me from falling off the wagon completely. I did feel a smidge guilty, but it was great to feel guilty about a purchase I could pay cash for rather than a purchase that I charged!


2 responses to “Daily Accounting: 5/1 + 5/2

  1. Good for you! I get blue with my debt reduction because I haven’t purchased clothes for about 6 months and the ones I have are raggedy. I think I will have to allow myself a small budget so I look presentable. Great blog, by the way!

  2. mydailydollars

    @ Movingonup!

    Thanks! It is interesting how that one little purchase helped get me out of my funk. I even went shopping with friends yesterday and wasn’t tempted to buy anything!

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