Daily Accounting: Weekend Update + PF Carnival

Earned: $1 Spent: $56 Saved: $0

Freebies: $30

This week’s Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Alpha Consumer at US News.com. It’s a great carnival, and I’m excited to have my post about homemade chips and salsa included under the “Shopping and Spending” category. If you’re visiting here for the first time, thanks! If you like what you read, I’d love for you to subscribe.

I’m a little slow posting the weekend update thanks to our faculty retreat yesterday. The retreat was interesting, but the best part was the off-site Plan B committee meeting.

Over the weekend, I earned $1 for a survey. I got one of the $330-for-$300-Krogers cards. It covers the rest of the month’s groceries, so I’ll track spending it each week. I used the $30 for our cookout, so I only spent $5. We were tempted to go buy new wine glasses, but after the Wii and the wrap, neither of us wanted to spend the money. Fortunately, we found some old ones that were boxed up. Another case of “shopping our house” first. I’m getting quite good at that. On Saturday, I also bought gas.

Yesterday, I spent $16 on supplies for the Plan B committee meeting and a coffee. That was certainly money well spent!

I’ll be back this afternoon with my weekly grocery update. Tonight is the future husband’s birthday dinner, so I get to pick up some treats at the store. I’ll also have more link love and carnivals. Until then!


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