Daily Accounting: 5/6 + 5/7

Earned: $36.29 Spent: $87 Saved: $0

Yesterday’s groceries seemed to take a lot of extra work. Somehow, I ended up in the coupon-clipping vortex. I sat down to quickly zip through the Grocery Game list at 10:45 am. . . and when I finished, it was 11:45 am. Then, several of the coupons that I clipped weren’t even worth using. Grrr. However, I did “save” 18% of my bill, pretty typical for life with the GG. I also bought some extra treats for the future husband’s birthday meal, which turned out really nicely. Today is a spend-no-money day, so I can go ahead and account for it. The great news is on the snowflake front! Look at that, $36.29! This is from a payout for stuff on Amazon, a survey check, and a sign-up bonus.

Carnivals Galore!

This week has been very busy on the carnival front. If you need some mid-week reading, be sure to check out all these great carnivals:

Enjoy the reading.  I’ve got to go mow the lawn before it rains!  Then, I’m going to start pricing things for our mini-garage sale Friday.

3 responses to “Daily Accounting: 5/6 + 5/7

  1. Great snowflake!
    I did the grocery game for awhile too.

  2. Thanks for the mentions! Glad you enjoyed the articles.

  3. freefrombroke

    Thanks for the mention! Good luck on your goals.

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