Daily Accounting: 5/8

Earned: $0 Spent: $2 Saved: $0

No earnings today, but tomorrow I should have something to report for this category. I spent most of the day finishing up all the pricing for my garage sale tomorrow. I advertised on craigslist, and have one woman who is planning on showing up bright and early to clean me out. I can’t wait!

I spent $2 plus $3 in ECB for tinted moisturizer for the summer and a bag of Sunchips. Now that I’m refueled, I can highlight the last two carnivals I was in this week:

The Carnival of Financial Goals is at Debt-Free Revolution. Instead of a typical editor’s pick, you can vote for your favorite post. If you liked my post, “A Vision and a Plan,” I’d love a vote. I’m not sure who I’ll vote for yet. There were so many excellent tips for financial goals!

The Third Carnival of Snowflaking is up at Antishay Ventenne. I was happy to be chosen as an editor’s pick for “Spending my Way to a Snowflake.” I also really enjoyed Pennywise and Poundfoolish’s ideas to sell off his automobiles. The Carnival of Snowflaking is slowly growing. Be sure to submit you great snowflaking stories next week. I’m hoping I’ll have a good report about my garage sale.


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