Daily Accounting: Why Goals are Awesome

Earned: $172 Spent: $20 Saved: $0

On May 3rd, I posted my goals for May. Here it is May 10th, and I’m amazed to report that I’ve already acheived two of my goals! One milestone is all thanks to you; I’ve added fifteen new subscribers. Thanks so much everyone who subscribed! If you still haven’t, remember it’s easy, free, and I’ll love you forever! 🙂

The other goal achieved was my snowflaking target. I now have 408 extra dollars to throw at my debt this month! My mini-garage sale yesterday was a big success. I have to give a shout-out to Antishay (a constant source of great ideas). In her “snowflaking business” series, she gave examples of how she advertises on criagslist. I followed her lead and posted a friendly and very specific listing of all the IKEA furniture that I was selling. One woman e-mailed back and forth about it. Sure enough, she showed up at 7:00 am and spent $150 for all that stuff. The future husband thinks I could have gotten more money, but I didn’t pay much for it in the first place (someday I’ll tell you about the cool IKEA contest I won). She wanted it for her son’s room for his birthday this weekend. I loved that she was so determined and got a good deal, and I love that I can now park my car in the garage!

It was a cold, rainy Friday, so we didn’t have much foot traffic. However, we made almost $300, so I got to add $172 to my snowflaking fund and the future husband’s TV fund is now at $226. We’re going to have one more sale in June with the kids; I’m hoping to get another $100 or so then. As soon as my stimulus check hits my account, I get to sent $1,008 to my credit cards. My original goal was to pay them all off by May 2009. After June 1, I may revise that to August or September. It’s amazing how writing things down really does help me act differently.

Once again, let me cheer for blogging! If you’re worried about debt, I highly suggest journaling or starting a blog. The great thing about the blog is that it’s so public. At first, it’s scary to put yourself out there, but then you realize that you have all these wonderful readers helping you along. Also, the pressure of writing every day can keep you focused on your finiancial goals. I know that I wouldn’t have called my cards for a lower interest rate, started clipping coupons, or finally had a garage sale without this blog! Before I started writing, I’d spent sixteen months trying to pay off my credit cards. I sent in $1,000 payments, kept using the cards, and month by month the debt went up instead of down. Now, in the two months I’ve been blogging, I’ve paid close to $3,000 to my cards, saved a $750 baby emergency fund, and had a blast joining in the personal finance blogosphere.

Speaking of, I got another link on MSN Money’s “Smart Spending” blog. Donna Freedman included my budget busters in her roundup of Oh My Aching Debts’ meme. Be sure to check it out. I agree wholeheartedly with ChouChou at Debt Non Sequitur who said: “We all have stuff floating around in our heads, but when you write it down, take an honest look at it staring you in the face, it becomes reality and you have to make a choice about it. You can ignore it or do something about it.” Three cheers for writing things down!


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