Daily Accounting: Weekend Update

Earned: $0 Spent: $0 Saved: $0

I had a great spend-no-money weekend. Of course, it is much easier not to spend money with the future husband around. He bought a few groceries at Meijer’s and treated me to dinner out last night. He also bought a gift for one of his daugher’s friends. Still, between the two of us, we spent a lot less than we used to. We were running low on groceries, but I was proud that I managed to just use what was in the pantry. I didn’t have all the ingredients for one cake recipe, so I dug around and found another recipe. Before, I would have rushed out and bought whatever I needed; this time, I took a second look and made a delicious cake with what we had on hand.

I also made a very yummy “green” meal Saturday night. I had leftover roasted asparagus and asparagus soup. I also had enough lettuce and spinach growing for a pretty big salad. I added in some breaded fish fillets and opened a can of green beans in case the younger one didn’t like the asparagus soup. I put the soup out first in little ramekins. It was a very bright green, so I figured the younger one (who used to be pickier) would turn her nose up at it. Instead, she loved it and said the salad was her favorite part of the meal. I think she liked that I was out picking lettuce as they came home from playing basketball. When I first started cooking for the future husband’s family, she often requested peanut butter or mac and cheese. Now that she helps out in the kitchen for most meals, goes to the farm with me, and watches food growing in our backyard, she’s become quite an adventurous eater. It’s been fun to see that transformation! Now that she’s not as picky, I can rely on leftovers more and plan more frugal meals. So, the “green” meal was quite a success.

Today, I’ve got to start editing my conference paper, print out the wedding invitation inserts, and put the tomato plants in the ground. Have a good Monday!


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