Weekly Accounting and Carnivals

Earned: $5,000   Spent: $128   Saved: $0

I know that originally I set out to report what I earned, spent, and saved each day. However, now that it’s summer and I’m staying home more, most days are a pretty boring $0, $0, $0. I think I’ll switch over to a weekly report, unless I have a particularly interesting day. Tomorrow should be one of those. . .the stimulus check is coming and debt on the Bank of America card is going!

This week, I bought stamps for the wedding invitations, groceries, and fresh asparagus from our local farm. So far, that’s all they have in their market. I asked about rhubarb. Apparently, the rhubarb crop this year was poor, so they may not have much in. I was a little disappointed because I make a mean batch of strawberry-rhubarb jam.  I’ll have to scout out some other sources.  I’ve been supplementing the asparagus with our home-grown lettuce and spinach. Next year, I plan to plant twice as much. Right now, I can pick a salad’s worth every few days. We could easily eat one every day. They’re so tasty!

On the earning front, I didn’t really earn $5,000 in personal income, but I found out today that we received a grant I applied for last month. I’m pleased because it is a case where my personal attention to finances is paying off at work. As a professor, I can’t receive raises any faster, but being the lead on a grant counts toward tenure. Also, I’ll make good contacts through the state network granting the funds, and grant-writing is one of the few portable skills I’ll have if I ever want to leave academe. I received the notice to apply for the grant right after I started my blog. It’s something I may have let slip by if I had been in a funk or ignoring money, but I was feeling all proactive and decided to go after it. The great thing about this grant is it provides the seed money for a project we want to start. Now, next year, I can start looking for bigger grants to support the project. Onward and upward!

I submitted to four great carnivals this week. As the week winds down, you’ll find some great reads here! I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite posts:

Festival of Frugality #125 is at Quest For Four Pillars. Be sure to check out all the great tips to save money on food costs. You’ll also find my post, “Confessions of a Frugal Bride” is featured. And, Being Frugal has more great tips for an inexpensive wedding.

The 4th Carnival of Snowflaking is at Dreaming of Ferraris. She did a great job with this growing carnival. You’ll find some interesting posts on financial snowflakes and trivia about the real snowflakes. I like My Small Cents’ post on an unexpected snowflake. It was the same amount as what I saved in my “Wedding Snowflake.” Interesting!!

Money Hacks Carnival #12 is at Can I Get Rich on a Salary. He takes us through the twelve labors of Heracles. Driving down debt certainly does feel like an epic labor some days! So does blog reading! Free From Broke provides excellent tips on how to keep up with personal finance blogs in this post. You’ll also find My Big Fat Mileage Mistake here.

Finally, I’m in the Carnival of Money Stories #59 at Money Walks. My successful May goals are included. I enjoyed BripBlap‘s story about his best financial decision in college.  BripBlap caught my eye this week with all his editor’s picks. I plan to read more regularly and encourage you to also!

Have a great day. I’m off to help the future husband with his car repairs, see about renting chairs for the wedding, and work on tracking down that reimbursement check at work.


2 responses to “Weekly Accounting and Carnivals

  1. Thanks so much for the link. I’m glad you enjoyed!

  2. Well, thank you very much – that’s a nice thing to say! I’m glad you liked the article and the link roundup – going to be another big one this week, too!


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