Down to One Card!

Sent to Bank of America: $1080.74

Balance on Bank of America Credit Card: $0

Hooray! Take a look at the Debt Tab to your right. Look at that lovely little red number after “current credit card debt.” That’s right, I now only have $5900.54 in credit card debt on one credit card. That’s the card that gave me 0% on the $3,500 balance I transferred and 6.5% interest on all the rest. The balance will fluctuate a little with charges I’m making for the wedding, but I am well on my way to paying this debt off seven months early.

This morning my $600 economic stimulus check hit my checking account. I promptly sent it off, along with my $400 in May snowflakes, plus an extra $80 I “borrowed” from my Week Five fund. I’m going to try to scrimp by on $70 that week to make up for the pay-off today. I’m pretty sure that I can! If not, hopefully by then I will FINALLY have my reimbursement for that trip back in March. If so, I can pay myself back with that money.

Today, I’m going to post my original pay-off plan along with an updated plan. I’m pretty sure that I can wipe out this last $5900 by October 1. I’d really like to do it by September 1. I think that I might set October 1 as my new goal, but give myself a wardrobe bonus if I can pay it off early. Check back later to see what I come up with. Happy Friday everyone!


5 responses to “Down to One Card!

  1. 3princessesmomma

    Seven months early is a big accomplishment. I think you’re definitely on track! Good job.

  2. Well done you! I know you can scrimp for this last week five.

  3. Jennifer S.

    Congrats! That’s a fantastic accomplishment! See you soon!

  4. Way to go, congrats!

  5. mydailydollars

    Thanks everyone! I can’t wait for the big announcement when I’m officially free of credit card debt!

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