Daily Accounting: Weekend Update

Earned: $5.90 Spent: $123 Saved: $7

We had a busy weekend with a soccer tournament and wedding planning, but we had fun. I rented the chairs and equipment for the wedding and came in $7 under budget. I was also inspired by Finance Gets Personal‘s Weekend Challenge. She encouraged folks to do one positive thing for their finances this weekend. I decided to list some of the future husband’s old computer games on Amazon. Five of them sold within the day, netting $45 for the TV fund and a $5.90 snowflake commission for me. Along with a cash reward from his credit card, the TV fund is now at $447. That’s the power of snowflaking for ya!

The other highlight of the weekend was registering for wedding gifts. I realized how shopping-deprived I’ve been recently as we wandered the aisles of cookware, china, and sheets. Since I started this blog, I’ve bought seeds for my garden and a new wrap. All other purchases have been the day-to-day food, gas, toothpaste variety. While it was fun to “shop,” it was also very weird. We got a little swept up into the “typical” registry advice from our helper. When we got home and looked at the list, we realized that there was no way we could even suggest $175 martini glasses or $90 place settings to guests of our frugal wedding! After a little more research, we found great porcelain settings on sale for $18 each and deleted the crazy stuff. We did leave a few high-dollar items in case people want to go in for a group gift or a rich aunt or uncle pops up, but now most of the registry has items that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask anyone to buy!

A great new carnival is up: the 140th Carnival of Debt Reduction at Prime Time Money. As he notes, today is Circus Day, so be sure to celebrate by reading some carnival posts! I liked Ten Quick Easy Ways to Reduce Your Debt at My Two Dollars and No Credit Needed’s Free Debt Reduction eBook. You’ll also find my post here, “Making the Switch,” which I’m happy to say was an editor’s pick.

Happy reading! Enjoy your Monday. I’ll be at the post office, mailing wedding invitations and Amazon stuff.


3 responses to “Daily Accounting: Weekend Update

  1. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Looks like you did well with the challenge! I got back in Craigslist mode this weekend and sold an old fireplace screen and baseball tee for $45. Yea!

  3. I found lots of intresting things here. Thanks!

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