Daily Accounting: 5/19 — 5/21

Earned: $10 Spent: $200 Saved: $56

I’ve had a busy few days getting ready for my trip. Monday was an errand day. You have to love living in a small town; I went to the library, post office, bank, dry cleaner’s, and grocery store in thirty-five minutes. I also stopped by CVS to see if I can score any mad savings on the Extra Care Bucks. I could have gotten a razor for $1.46, but I don’t really need a razor, so it didn’t help much. Toothpaste and toothbrushes were also free, but I’m fully stocked up thanks to the Grocery Game. Alas, maybe next month.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend and stopped off at Hobby Lobby. I’ve decided that I’ll watch the Sunday circulars and hit Hobby Lobby when anything I might need for the wedding is 50% off. I bought baskets for the flowers, our flower girl’s basket, the cake knife, and my veil all for $70. I almost bought more decorations, but decided to heed my own advice and go slowly. I’m going to go visit the wedding site once more before getting any more decorations. I was very, very happy with the veil. It’s lined with satin ribbon, comes down to my waist, and makes me feel like a bride. I was getting so sensible with the wedding that I wasn’t feeling very bride-y. Now, I’m happy with my look for the big day and I only spent $15 on the veil. Hooray!

Today was grocery store day. We actually came in $56 under budget for four weeks of groceries. I can’t believe it! However, since May is a five-week month for me, I’m going to try to squeak by on that $56 so that I can snowflake most of my Week 5 fund to the credit cards. All in all, May is rolling by. I can’t wait to get paid next week for a big pay-off post. I love, love, love those days.

Tomorrow I’m travelling to San Francisco. I started this blog right around my last conference and was all nervous about avoiding the airport temptations. Now, two months into my new frugal habits, I feel like a seasoned pro. I spent $4 of the grocery budget for travel snacks, have a new library book, saved my magazines, and dug out my Sudoku book. I may treat myself to $2 coffees, but otherwise, I won’t spend anything until I land in California.


2 responses to “Daily Accounting: 5/19 — 5/21

  1. I’m in Sacramento- let me be the first to say, “Welcome to California”

    As far as the wedding, have you put out any feelers on Freecyclers? It might be interesting to see what kind of response you get. Last year I hosted a big graduation party and I posted a need to just borrow seating and I got a couple offers of tables and chairs. It never hurts to ask!

  2. mydailydollars

    Thanks for the suggestion Bettsi! I will check out Freecyclers. And I’m loving California!

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