Daily Accounting: May Roundup

Earned: $3928    Spent: $195    Saved: $76

Hooray! Payday is finally here. My check this month includes the overload payment for the extra class I taught in the fall semester. Still no travel reimbursement. Cross your fingers that I’ll see some of that this month. I did manage to send $1048 to the credit cards. My total debt is now nearing the $5,000 mark. When I get that check from work, it will drop to $4300. It’s interesting how with each milestone, I just look impatiently to the next milestone. I want that credit card debt to be at $0! However, I should stop today and pat myself on the back for the $248 I’ve already accumulated in June snowflakes. I should also be happy that my debt shrank by almost 15% this month. I had a great trip, bought a few new clothes for the summer, and still saw my debt decrease. Compared to my habits one year ago, that is pretty big news.

Yes, you saw a mention of new clothes. Yesterday, the future husband and I went to the mall because I was anticipating payday today. I bought some very cute, comfortable summer sandals for $40 (a much better bargain than the ones I tried on in San Francisco) and two new tops for summer. The future husband was very generous and bought me a hoodie and several more tank tops. He’s the best! Now, I feel pretty good about my summer wardrobe. I could use one more pair of pants, but I may just try to send the extra fun money to the credit cards.  This morning, I sent in a credit card payment equal to what I bought yesterday.  No more interest charges on shoes for me! 

During the week, I also bought gas, groceries, and market produce. I had $56 in my budget for groceries for the week, and I spent $55. I actually would have gone under, but I treated us to some fresh salmon to go with the bok choy I bought at the market. We’ve also been enjoying fresh strawberries; they are pure heaven. My fruit deficit is finally over! This week I tried the “Grocery Game” on my own because there wasn’t a list. It’s actually pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it. I think that I may drop out of the list after this month and go my own way. I think that I may spend more than I need to with the list because things seem like such great deals. If I did it myself, I could include CVS and be sure that we’re only buying things that we really need.

That’s the story around here. I took a vacation from carnivals this week, but I’ll be back in full swing next week. Look for lots of good links too! Have a nice weekend everyone.


One response to “Daily Accounting: May Roundup

  1. Good work sending in a pyament to cover what you bought- not easy but necessary!

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