Goal Time: May Update and June Goals

One great thing about a blog is how easy it is to go back and review your goals.  I love to set goals, but usually they’ll be on random scraps of paper that I can never find again.  Now, point and click, I can go over them all again.  

Here are my goals for June along with updates on how I did in May:


  1. Get up at 7:00 am and get moving Monday-Friday. 
  2. Write/research for two to four hours each day.
  3. Wrap up conference reimbursements.
  4. Decide about administrative position for fall.
I’m keeping #1 and #2 from May into June.  I may not be able to write on days that I have the future stepkids, but I think it’s a great habit to stick with.  I slacked off on getting up early last week, and it made a real difference!  I didn’t feel nearly as productive each day.  I’ve added #3 to make sure that I stay on top of getting those checks.  #4 I’ll write about more when I make my decision about an offer I have to teach less and move into administration.
  1. Earn $400 in snowflakes.
  2. Shop my house first.
I set goal #1 for May and achieved it.  I’m going to set the bar that high again this month.  I already have $248 for the month and being more active about accumulating snowflakes keeps me on track during the month.  I achieved my other goals for May: sending my stimulus check to the credit cards and staying on budget in San Francisco.  Yay!  I’m adding “shop my house” this month to keep me from overspending.  If I “need” something, I’ll look around the house first for a substitute.  That keeps me focused on all that I already have and helps me discern true “needs” from “wants.”
  1. Cook frugally
  2. Limit driving to two “driving days” a week
  3. Exercise four times a week
I did pretty well with May’s goals and will keep #1 and #2 for June.  I may not achieve #2, especially when we have the kids, but I’ll try.  Last month, I saved $55 in my gas budget by limiting my driving!  I have to add in exercise this month.  I slacked off last month and am now at the top of my “happy weight” range.  If I don’t make some changes there, I’ll be dieting right before the wedding.  Yuck!
  1. Get out with friends once a week.
  2. Find out about volunteering at the farmers’ market.
I did a good job on #1 last month, but didn’t do #2.  So, I’ve carried it over to this month!
  1. Post five to six times a week.
  2. Grow the blog by 50 hits a week.
  3. Get thirty new subscribers.
Last month, I did really well until the last week.  My goal was to grow the blog by 10 hits a week, but I actually got about 100 hits more each week until the last week, which stayed even.  My goal for May was to get fifteen new subscribers, and I got thirty.  Thanks everyone!  This month, I’m going to aim to repeat that.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s easy, free, and fun.  If you’re a new blogger, leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to subscribe to your feed.

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