Daily Accounting and Carnivals

Earned: $30 Spent: $195 Saved: $5

The “spent” category covers Sunday through today. I bought gas, lunch, a ticket to “Sex and the City,” drinks with the girls, and groceries. On the grocery front, I am quite pleased. I spent $90 on a case of wine and have a $12 rebate to mail in for “snowflake” money. Then, I spent $15 at the market for cheese, potatoes, strawberries, and peas. The peas were totally delicious straight out of the pod; I can’t wait for the pasta with sage and breadcrumbs that they’re going into tonight. My big bargains came at Krogers this week. I bought another $300 gift card, so I “earned” $30 with that. After subtracting the $30, I only spent $55 at Krogers. I bought olive oil, shrimp, an organic chicken, and proscuttio on top of my normal list. What a deal!

I’m glad to say that I’m back in the carnival swing. So far this week, I’ve participated in two. Be sure to check out this week’s Carnival of Snowflaking at How I Save Money. You’ll find my post about “Fighting the Slump” along with other great tips on all things snowflake.

Today, Finance Gets Personal is hosting an awesome Carnival of Money Stories. I’m happy to report that my “Frugal Souvenirs at the Farmers’ Market” was an editor’s pick. I also enjoyed Frugal in the Fruitland‘s “Vacation Bloat.” It was my first time visiting her blog, and I really liked it! I plan to become a regular reader. Check it out for some nice tips and a wry sense of humor.


One response to “Daily Accounting and Carnivals

  1. Thanks for the link! I’ve enjoyed reading your frugal wedding articles. I got married for under $5,000 and I think it’s awesome when people are able to figure out what’s authentic for them and do it on a budget.

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