Monday Morning Links and a Carnival

Time for another week!  Wow, that weekend went fast.  We soaked up lots of summertime goodness in the woods, in the pool, even in the strawberry patch.  As you settle in for the week, here’s a great carnival and a few of my favorite posts from the last week.  Enjoy!

Carnival of Money Hacks
Broke Grad Student hosted this carnival last week. My decision to bring some sanity into the wedding preparation is included. I also got a laugh out of PaidTwice’s post: “10 Ways to Stay in Debt.” While you’re visiting the carnival, be sure to hit Broke Grad Student’s newest post, “5 Reasons Why Money is Like Sex.” There are a few surprising comparisons!

Being Frugal has a great post on credit card debt as part of her review of (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents. She has some excellent links along the way.

My Small Cents did a cool comparison between the budgets for her family in France and a family in the U.S. I was especially struck by the differences in taxes!

Mrs. Micah had a fun post about lingerie which actually got me re-thinking what to buy for the honeymoon. Thanks to her, I may go more practical-cute rather than va-va-voom/uncomfortable.

Get Rich Slowly announced an essay contest at Soul Shelter. The top entrant will win $1,000! Time to start brainstorming ideas!

Another great activity for a Monday: Moolamy’s Financial IQ Test. See how well you do, and be sure to follow the links.

I really liked this post on nineteenth-century meal plans. I’m doing some research on how to set up and maintain a frugal pantry. Now, I plan to get A Prairie Kitchen from the library.

Frugal Dad has an upbeat post today on ways to really enjoy living on a budget.

For all you gardeners out there, Frugal in the Fruitlands has an excellent set of tips for new-ish gardeners like myself. I finally learned what “bolting” means.

Finally, the M-Network has put together a cool series of posts on frugal vacations. Thanks to them, I’m all excited about looking into train travel for next summer’s vacation.

Enjoy the reading! I get to go deposit $182 from Saturday’s garage sale. The kids made $42, which put us over $200 for only two hours of business (we got rained out.) Not bad!



3 responses to “Monday Morning Links and a Carnival

  1. Thank you for sharing my financial IQ test with your readers. And also thank you for sharing the M-Network’s Vacation Guide.

  2. Believe me, I wear my comfy-yet-hot underwear 20x more than anything va-va-voom. I also have comfy and not particularly hot but still it’s hot because it’s me in them (says the hubby). Victoria’s Secret is quite good at selling sexy yet soft boyshorts and the like.

  3. Thanks again for the kind linkage 🙂

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