Daily Accounting: Week 2 of June

Earned: $102.54   Spent: $185   Saved: $0

To the credit cards: $97.54

Wow, this week has zipped by!  As part of my June goals, I’m trying to focus more on gathering extra income and less on spending.  I was happy to rack up almost $100 this week from our garage sale, spare change, and survey checks, so I promptly sent that off to the credit card.  You’ll notice that the debt tab is inching toward that $5,000 milestone.  Yay!

Another of my June goals was to get out and socialize.  To that end, I had lunch with one friend and drinks with another.  That ate into my “fun” budget for June, so it looks like I won’t save anything there.  However, spending time with friends is important to me, so I call it money well spent!  The grocery shopping went really well this week.  I spent $130, but came out with a full cart and some needed staples.  I hope to spend less over the next two weeks, when we don’t have the kids.

The farm market had some interesting finds this week.  For $20, I got peas, kohlrabi, aspargus, mizuna, and swiss cheese.  I had no idea what mizuna was, but I figured I could find a way to cook it.  I did some research and found out that it is closely related to kale, so we ate some in a salad the first night, along with a grilled chicken and grilled asparagus. The next night, I stir-fried the rest of the mizuna with leftover chicken.   It was all smoky and delicious.  I pureed the kohlrabi with potatoes the next night; we ate that with steamed mint and peas and grilled shrimp.  Then, we finished up the produce last night with a cream of asparagus and pea soup and homemade bread.  Tonight is pizza night, and tomorrow our town’s farmers’ market opens.  I can’t wait to see what all of the different farms have!  I’m hoping for some organic beef, good cheese, and more vegetables.

Finally, this week, I was in another carnival, the very creativeCarnival of Snowflaking at Finance Gets Personal.  This is another of my favorite blogs, so be sure to read around.  I really like their plans for a “staycation” this year!


One response to “Daily Accounting: Week 2 of June

  1. queensimmons

    I’m still not sure what mizuna is… off to google it now… lol! I also liked the idea of a staycation! Hope you have a great week.
    Homemaker Barbi

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