Daily Accounting: Week 3

Earned: $20 Spent: $407 Saved: $0
Snowflaked: $103.33

Yikes! Where did the week go? Between spending time with the kids and working, suddenly another week in June flew by! We had great fun, fishing, going to the zoo, even getting lots of chores done around the house. I earned $20 at the garage sale and spent it paying the kids for extra chores. It was so nice to have a clean house, especially because I had to work the next day. At work, I’m trying a new approach where I don’t check my e-mail until noon. It really does boost productivity. I’m comfortably on-track for our first target Monday.

I certainly spent a lot this week! Because I’ve been at work, I’ve been eating out more. I also did the “grocery game” all on my own. It was much more satisfying because I found better bargains for my family and didn’t waste time looking for coupons that were mistakes on the list. My best buys were spaghetti sauce for $1 a jar and Advil for $2.50 (regularly $6.69). The biggest purchase happened at Hobby Lobby. Last week, all wedding stuff, ribbon, and silk flowers were on sale 50% off. So, I loaded up two carts full of great stuff. I spent $200, but everything I bought was half-off. I plan to resell the wedding arch, vases, and a few small things on craigslist. The rest, we’ll actually use again. It was a very fun trip and now I feel in great shape for the wedding.

Finally, I got a reimbursement check for my trip to San Francisco. I STILL haven’t gotten the other check from March! Crazy!! When I finally do, you’ll be the first to know. The check I did receive was for $103 more than I budgeted (I was planning on the safe side), so I sent $503 off to the credit cards. Now, I’m under $5,000!!! Hooray!!!


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  1. I agreed with you

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