Lotta Links and a Couple of Carnivals

It’s great to be back to some regular blog reading!  I’ve missed out on tons of good reads!  If you’re looking for some interesting, witty, or fun financial advice, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

First off:  Two Great Carnivals!

I participated in this week’s Carnival of Money Stories at Value for Your Life.  Not only do you get a whole heap of good reads, but you also get some very interesting travel ideas! My favorite Editor’s Pick was “How to be rich” by Gather Little by Little. The post wisely reminds us of a better way to think of being rich. Personal Finance Analyst details her dream anniversary trip, and it was a bargain! Even though we just got back for a wonderful honeymoon, reading “Last Minute Travel Deals” made me want to start planning the next trip! Another great read is Budget’s Are Sexy‘s story of a recent financial mistake. I know I hate it when a glitch comes up, especially when I plan as well as they had. If you keep scrolling down on the Carnival, you’ll get to my happy tale about where I am in debt-repayment. Next month, it should be an even happier story, so stay tuned!

Over at Greener Pastures, you’ll find the Money Hacks Carnival #24 with a very adorable guy illustrating the dog days of summer. Grad Money Matters has some great advice in “Don’t Go Down with the Economy!”; I had to follow Rule #2: Don’t Panic when I logged into my 401(k) this week. If you’re in debt-repayment mode, be sure to look at My Credit Card Blog‘s list of 0% balance-transfer offers. Calls to my credit card companies helped me save $1,000! PennyJobs.com has a post that makes me happy: “PF Bloggers are Likely to Become the Next Generation of Millionaires.” It is true that as a whole, we’re obsessed with our finances. Here’s hoping it pays off! To get you on your way to your goals, check out Living the Frugal Life‘s new challenge to cook at home. I know that we save heaps by eating in; once you get a rotation of easy recipes, it’s a breeze! If you hang in with this carnival to the very end, you’ll find my post on our wedding budget. Happy reading!

Here are some other great posts from my blogroll that you may have missed:

Kelly at Almost Frugal has introduced Almost Frugal Food. I know that I’ll be a regular reader! I love reading about food and can’t wait to try some of the featured recipes.

Speaking of cooking, An English Major’s Money‘s post on an overstocked kitchen is hilarious. I totally agree with her!

Antishay has an inspiring post about her new motorcycle. She’s certainly motivating me to become a super saver.

Banker Girl’s wedding is coming up! I really enjoyed reading about her wedding as I planned mine. I especially like her post on bridal registries. I had similar feelings, but in the end was very happy with how it all turned out.

Blogging Away Debt bravely tallied up how much she’s paid in finance charges over the years on her credit card. Click here to see the damage. I can totally relate; in a similar exercise I was shocked at the money that I had poured down the drain. If you need motivation to keep on paying down your cards, doing this exercise should do it!

Dreaming of Ferraris is doing a nice job with her working budget. I face a lot of similar temptations as well! It’s those little ones that add up.

I was very impressed with Finance Gets Personal‘s credit score revelation. It makes me hope that one day mine will finally be redeemed as well!

Week after week, PaidTwice delivers great ideas and inspiration. If you’re not a regular reader, I highly recommend her blog. This week, her advice on coupons kept me motivated to do my own clipping.

Mrs. Micah, another of my favorite blogs, announced her first blogiversary. Hooray! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the next year.

Well, there you have it. Lots of quality reading to get you through the weekend. I’m hoping we’ll have time to relax this weekend after a busy few days at work. Since the weather looks perfect, so I may have to dump my cat off my lap and get out there!


2 responses to “Lotta Links and a Couple of Carnivals

  1. Thanks for the link! 🙂 now that I have the bike, I am ready to start saving like crazy for my future 😀

  2. Thanks for the mention and for reading – I feel like it’s all weddings all the time in my world lately!

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