Weekly Roundup and Welcome!

Mystery solved!  All week, I couldn’t figure out why my hits had jumped with an influx of google searches for my blog title.  Then a friend in DC came across this article in the Washington Post Express.  A few weeks ago, an AP reporter contacted me about home canning, and the article came out last Friday.  So, a belated welcome if you found me via the “Jarring Economy” (clever title!).  I blog about finances, debt, and new-found frugality.  If you like what you see, please subscribe for free!

This week I was in four carnivals, so let’s get to the highlights for your weekend reading:

Carnival of Debt Reduction:  If you’re looking for inspiration on your journey to debt-free land, be sure to read No Credit Needed‘s post, “Ten Things That Rock About Being Debt-Free.”  I know that I’m feeling some of those things in the home stretch of my own debt repayment!  A guest post at Free Money Finance offers a clever first step to paying off your debt.  By canceling cable/satellite TV, you get a bounce from cutting yourself off from all the ads.  I can attest to that!  It’s amazing how much easier it is to avoid shopping when you aren’t getting a constant deluge of messages telling you to go do it.  If you’re really serious about getting out of debt, read The Digerati Life‘s discussion about not buying anything new for a year.

Festival of Frugality:  This is the first of two carnivals I entered that were hosted by Our Fourpence Worth.  She had a busy week!  MoneyNing offers some great back-to-school advice.  I was very happy with how frugal our back-to-school shopping was.  In my credit-happy days, that was an excuse to go nuts.  For more tips, check out My Two Dollarssuggestions for re-purposing everyday items.  This week, I was washing our new wine glasses, thinking “I need a new drying rack for these.”  Before I ran out and bought one, I realized that my cooling rack works just as well.  Little swaps like that save money and clutter. I also liked Frugal Fu‘s suggestions for brown rice for breakfast. I think I’ll try one of those sometime this week with leftover rice. Also in the festival, you’ll find my tips for clipping coupons.

Money Hacks Carnival:  Our Fourpence Worth‘s second carnival featured a fun tour of old money.  Uncommon Cents speculates on the savings a GPS device can bring.  I’ve been tempted to buy one lately, but think I can wait.  However, he offers some reasons it could help you save money. Funny About Money offers an important reminder on why we should speak up for what we’re worth in our careers. I contributed a story about our frugal, but yummy, brunch.

Finance Fiesta:  Hosted by Living Almost Large, this carnival was a new one for me.  Fabulous Finances analyzes the difference between financial goals and financial wishes.  I know that I’ve got to sit down next month to turn our wish to work part-time ten years into a more specific goal! Capital Couples Finance offers three ways that being frugal strengthens a relationship. I can vouch for those; it’s certainly helping get our marriage off on the right foot. I also share my reasons to switch from being a spender to a saver.

From the Blogroll:

Almost Frugal has taken us on a great trip of frugal tips in her house this week. She starts in the kitchen; be sure to read the whole series!

Paid Twice describes how to determine your minimum budget. I plan to do this when calculating what we need in the emergency fund.

Dreaming of Ferraris has been sharing how she and her husband have decided to loosen up a little on their budget. Since she’s still got it all mapped out, it seems like it’s been a great decision for her.

Blogging Away Debt is considering downsizing their home. Check out their ideas here.  It sure makes sense to me.

Lots of good reading for the week; I hope you enjoy it. I’m finding that by swapping a steady diet of commercials for a steady diet of PF blogs, it is really becoming easier to stay on track with a frugal lifestyle.


7 responses to “Weekly Roundup and Welcome!

  1. Great list of links, thanks for including me!

  2. Thanks for the link to Funny about Money! –vh


  3. Thank you for the mention! So appreciated!

  4. Thank you for the mention, and the other great links!

  5. You made the Washington Post–how cool!
    The article was fun to read–and with you as the lead!
    Congrats. You’re an inspiration (in so many many ways!)

  6. I was glad to see the reference to canning as an appropriate way to preserve the fruits and vegetables of the season. I caution readers to make sure they are using the most current canning recommendations, which can be found at the National Center for Home Food Preservation: http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/ It’s not worth taking a risk with Grandma’s recipes…contact your local Cooperative Extension office for more information.

  7. mydailydollars

    Thanks Chris! The National Center is a great resource. You’re right; it’s good to hold onto memories of Grandma canning rather than the actual recipes. 🙂

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