New Look, New Plans

Life at My Daily Dollars is going well.  As you can see, I’m updating the look of the blog.  Since I’m transitioning from debt-repayment to frugal living, I wanted a fresh theme to mark the occasion.  

Tomorrow marks the end of my first six months of blogging.  I’ll be free of credit card debt (hip, hip, hooray!).  I’ve also been featured on MSN’s SmartSpending blog, interviewed for an Associated Press article, and been introduced to many wonderful bloggers.  Be sure to visit all the folks on the blogroll; I love what they deliver day after day.

Next week, I’ll put together a series on paying off your credit cards, along the lines of the “My Frugal Wedding” series.  Over the next few months, I’ll be focusing on building up savings, managing a two-income household, planning for earlier, part-time retirement, and trimming my biggest daily expense: groceries!  For so many reasons, I want the food my family eats to be as sustainable as possible.  I plan to start a series on “My Frugal Pantry” as I learn to store and cook good food as frugally as I can.  I’m adapting recipes to cook from what I have on hand when I get home from work.  This afternoon, I’ll share the summer minestrone that I made last night.  It was wonderful!


5 responses to “New Look, New Plans

  1. Hey, nice new blog look! I adore Chris Pearson’s work (he created my blog design… ok, not just for me) and his designs are always so clean and readable.

    I’m really looking forward to the frugal pantry series!

  2. Congratulations on 6 months blogging and on soon to be debt-free. I like your new look!

  3. Looking forward to the new series. Pat yourself on the back in the meantime; you’ve done extremely well.

  4. mydailydollars

    Thanks everyone! Here’s to making a better relationship with money permanent.

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