Friday Roundup

Hooray!  Friday’s here.  We’ve got a full line-up of soccer games tomorrow, so I wanted to do a link round-up today.  I participated in three wonderful carnivals this week.  Let’s get right to them!

Money Hacks Carnival #29

This yummy edition (click over and you’ll see why I say yummy!) was hosted by Living Almost Large.  I liked FIRE Finance‘s very vivid explanation of how to easily save $6,000 a year.  The little things really do add up!  Thnk Your Way to Wealth had some good advice on how to group tasks for better efficency.  Uncommon Cents reminds us that sometimes the more you spend doesn’t lead to saving more.   Finally, I chimed in with advice on how to break the getting-into-debt habit.

Carnival of Debt Reduction

The Carnival of Debt Reduction made it through the recent round of hurricanes and showcased a whirlwind of good articles.  Debt Smackdown had good advice about when not to cancel a credit card.  Budgets are Sexy asked if you ever signed up for a credit card just for a tee-shirt.  Of course, mine ended up being one expensive “freebie”!  Gather Little by Little had an interesting discussion about people who pay their credit cards before their mortgages

Finance Fiesta

Finally, I was in the Finance Fiesta, a newer mid-week carnival, hosted this week by On a Quest to Be Debt FreeFiancial Learn has a thorough 23-point checklist for your financesMaster Your Card has an interesting overview on when couples should merge their finances.  Fianlly, I contribluted my discussion about balancing cash vs. “inventory” when it comes to personal finances.

Check out all three carnivals and have a great weekend!  I’ll be back next week after all the soccer fun.


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  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂

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