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Carnival of Money Stories #77

Welcome to the 77th Carnival of Money Stories!  If you haven’t visited here before, I blog about my journey to financial balance.  Finally on the tenure track after years floating by on student loans, I share my money stories while reading some of the greatest American stories about money.  Today, along with all this week’s outstanding posts, I’ve included my favorite American “classics” about work and money.  Take a look around and subscribe!

Editor’s PicksThe Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Here’s the work that starts Americans’ obsession with the self-made man.  Once you read it, you’ll never forget Ben’s jaunty walk down the Philadelphia pier with a loaf of bread tucked under each arm.  It seems to be all he needs to take on the world!

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The Wide, Wide World

One of my favorite sentimental novels, this work by Susan Warner charts a young girl’s journey to adulthood.  With shaky financial resources and few friends, how will she manage to find happiness and security?  In the nineteenth century, this novel was almost as popular as Uncle Tom’s Cabin and tells us much about America’s middle-class ideals.

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The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Unlike Benjamin Franklin’s, Frederick Douglass’s life story emphasizes the inequality of antebellum America.  Born a slave on the eastern shore of Maryland, Douglass finds his way to freedom and activism. His life’s work is a sobering reminder of the rotten foundation on which American capitalism was based.

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The Great Gatsby

If you’ve never had a chance to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, take the time now.  In this slender novel, Fitzgerald captures all the longing and emptiness of an emerging consumer culture.  I’ll never forget the scene where Gatsby flings shirt after shirt out of his closet to prove to Daisy that he’s finally made it.

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Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison’s critique of the American Dream is one of the most powerful of the twentieth century.  His journey to understanding the racial dynamic of pre-Civil Rights America questions mainstream beliefs about the ability of anyone to get ahead.

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Great stories everyone!  Hope you enjoyed the carnival and see you next week wherever the Money Stories go!