My Frugal Wedding

On July 20, we had a very lovely, frugal wedding. Here are all my posts about planning the wedding and my wedding budget. You can compare the budget to the actual amount spent in the last post. If you’re planning a wedding soon, I hope these ideas help! Please leave your ideas in the comment section, too!

Wedding Budget

We had a mid-day ceremony on a Sunday at our favorite state park with a picnic reception. I’m totally lucky because many talented friends donated services as their gifts to us: my family and I did the flowers out of our local farmer’s market, one friend made the cake, another was our officiant, another played music at the ceremony, my brother helped with photographs, and my step kids helped me design the wedding program.

$300: Ceremony (park lodge rental and chair rental)
$750: Dress, alterations, and hair
$200: Photography
$280: Invitations, save-the-dates, and thank-yous
$300: Music rentals and music at the rehearsal dinner
$200: Flowers
$1050: Catering and bar
$ 50: Wedding license
$400: Gifts (including stepdaughters’ dresses)
$250: Parties (open house Friday and girls’ lunch Saturday)
$ 70: Favors/programs
$100: Decorations
$100: misc.

$4050: TOTAL


5 responses to “My Frugal Wedding

  1. Nice stuff you’ve put together, I hope you’ll post pictures of your wedding when it’s said and done. I’d love to see how it turns out!

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  4. sounds a lot like our wedding 🙂 i paid $150 for my cake and $150 for my photographer…both were family friends. everything else was fairly cheap, also. and we had a beautiful wedding! 🙂

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