My Budget

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”
— adapted from “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns

I am a planner. All who know and love me know that nothing sets my heart on fire like a great plan. While many folks read the above line as a sad commentary on life, it actually makes me happy. What does one get to do when a plan fails? Make a new plan!! Huzzah!

On this page, I’ve posted my monthly budget. This may get tweaked as the months pass, but this is the basic outline I’m trying to stick to. You can check back here whenever you want to see if I’m ahead of or behind the budgets.

My Monthly Budget: $2700

$1,135: Savings
$ 65: Auto insurance
$290: Student loan payment
$ 35: Gym membership

$500: Groceries
$150: Gas
$120: Cash
$ 90: Target
$ 15: Netflix
$ 35: Eating Out
$ 35: Gifts

$30: misc. 

$200: my “fun budget”

$2700: TOTAL

Comments: I get paid monthly, but plan everything on four-week months. I have a “Week Fives” fund in my ING account for those four extra weeks in the year. The husband pays for the mortgage, utilities, and the cell phone. I’m now putting what I used to give him as “rent” into our long-term savings. Grrr on the gym membership! I foolishly signed up for a three-year contract. Only one year to go! The husband pays when we eat out, so my eating out budget is just with the girlfriends. I pay for all the groceries, cleaning supplies, tolietries, and one case of wine a month.


2 responses to “My Budget

  1. Hi-
    I have a quick question for you – kind of off track…. how did you get a 3% rate for your student loans & only paying $290/month! Thats awesome – I’m jealous!! I owe $90,000 & I’m paying $800/month – its insane & SO hard!! Do you have any advice???
    Thank you

  2. mydailydollars

    I know! That 3% rate is the one miracle of my financial life. They are graduated, so I’ll pay $285 for 10 years, then $400 for 10 years, and finally $600 for ten years. It was all just timing. I lucked out and graduated in May 2005, right before Congress set the higher interest rates for loans in July 2005.

    Are your loans consolidated? If not, you might investigate doing so before July. I’ve read that rates may fall near 4% before another scheduled increase.

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